American Bridge Promotes Ivanka Trump Comments on Roy Moore at Trump Rally

As President Trump prepares to campaign for child molester Roy Moore in Pensacola, American Bridge is promoting Ivanka Trump’s comments condemning Moore with a mobile billboard and audio.

When news broke that Moore had preyed on underage girls, Ivanka Trump said that “there’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children” and she “had no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.”

At tonight’s rally, these quotes will be blasted over a loud speaker outside the rally and featured on a mobile billboard.





“Try as Trump and the Republican Party might, there’s no way to escape the truth about Roy Moore or Ivanka Trump’s own words,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “It’s a disgusting new low that the President, the RNC, and the rest of the Republican party are trying to help send a pedophile to the US Senate, and the American people won’t soon forget it.”

Although not explicitly billed […]

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Dean Heller’s Tax Bill Rigged For Wealthy To Avoid Paying Taxes

“Dean Heller is learning the hard way what common sense should have told him: writing a tax bill that will affect every single American in secret and trying to rush it through against bipartisan opposition is a recipe for disaster. Now, even Republican tax experts are raising the alarm that Heller’s bill creates brand new loopholes for the wealthy to avoid paying taxes — all paid for by hiking taxes on the middle class,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Next year, voters are going to hold Heller responsible for authoring this disastrous tax hike on the middle class.”

SHOT: ‘Holy crap’: Experts Find Tax Plan Riddled With Glitches – Politico, 12/6/17

“Republicans’ tax-rewrite plans are riddled with bugs, loopholes and other potential problems that could plague lawmakers long after their legislation is signed into law.”
Provisions “would open a whole new palette of complicated tax-avoidance techniques allowing the well-to-do to slash […]

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As Bannon Campaigns for a Pedophile, His Hand-Picked Candidates Stay Loyal

Tonight, former Trump senior advisor turned alt-right crusader Steve Bannon will campaign in Alabama for disgraced Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of preying on at least eight teenage girls when he was in his thirties. Bannon has stood by Moore following the allegations that Moore pursued teenage girls in the 1980s, including sexually assaulting a 14 -year-old girl.

But when he’s not campaigning for a suspected child molester, Steve Bannon has been endorsing and fundraising for Senate candidates across the country. And as of this moment, these candidates continue to stand by Steve Bannon — touting his endorsement and collecting money from his donor network — as he campaigns for a child molester. They include:

Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee
Ted Cruz, Texas
Josh Hawley, Missouri
Patrick Morrisey, West Virginia
Kevin Nicholson, Wisconsin
Matt Rosendale, Montana
Danny Tarkanian, Nevada
Kelly Ward, Arizona

“Steve Bannon apparently thinks a serial sexual molester who preys on underage girls is fit for the […]

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New Polls Show Overwhelming Opposition To The Trump-Republican Tax Bill 

Two new polls confirm what we already knew: the Trump tax bill, which Senate Republicans rammed through in the dead of night last week and the House voted to advance yesterday, is deeply unpopular and overwhelmingly opposed to by the majority of Americans.

“The American people are strongly rejecting this Trump tax scam. Raising taxes on the middle class and working families to fund tax breaks for the rich and large corporations isn’t just morally wrong, it’s going to be an electoral disaster for every Republican who votes for it,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.” And as voters learn more about the proposal cutting Medicare by more than $25 billion while also causing the deficit to explode, they’ll only further reject anyone who was crazy enough to vote for it.”

Quinnipiac University’s latest poll shows that Americans are against the tax plan by nearly 2 to 1, with 53% against it compared to just 29% in favor. The […]

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MN GOP Gov. Candidate Jeff Johnson Attacks Twin Cities “Values”

At a campaign event in Baxter, MN earlier this month, Republican Jeff Johnson attacked the values of people living in the state he hopes to lead as Governor when he said people in the Twin Cities have different values than the rest of Minnesota — and different values than his own campaign.

According to Jeff Johnson, his values are at odds with 60% of the state’s population. The Twin Cities and surrounding area is also home to 16 of 17 Fortune 500 companies in the state, and the geographic area home to the 13th largest economy in the country.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Jeff Johnson’s divisive rhetoric is nothing short of toxic – Minnesotans deserve a governor who unites the state, not divides it. Minnesota Republicans should condemn Jeff Johnson’s attack on the Twin Cities and the people who live there.”

This isn’t the […]

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House Republicans Vote to Advance Tax Cuts for the Wealthy While Raising Them On Millions of Middle Class Families 

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp released the following statement after House Republicans voted to create a conference committee that would move closer toward the Trump-Republican tax plan becoming law — which would overwhelmingly benefit the rich and corporations at the expense of the American middle class and which the American people oppose 2 to 1:

“Each of these members just effectively voted to raise taxes on millions of families, slash Medicare funding, and send the budget deficit through the roof, all so the wealthiest Americans and big business can gain new tax cuts. Voters are asking their leaders for economic policies that reward hard work and help them get ahead — not giveaways to the wealthiest that come with a staggering cost for the middle class. Next year, Republicans will have to answer for this at the ballot box.”

The respective Trump-Republican tax bills that this committee would reconcile both raise taxes on millions of middle class Americans and working families, cut Medicare by $25 […]

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American Bridge Statement on Passage of the Trump-GOP Tax Scam

In the dead of night, Senate Republicans passed their tax plan that crushes the middle class. American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp offered the following statement:

“Senate Republicans and Donald Trump just moved one step closer to betraying the middle class today — breaking every promise they made on the campaign trail last year  –  and every one of them will be held accountable at the ballot box. The GOP’s sham bill means middle class Americans will pay more in taxes and more for their healthcare, while big corporations will be rewarded for sending more American jobs overseas and our deficit skyrockets. All that, just to give massive tax breaks to the super rich who need it least. This is a gift to uber-wealthy Republican donors, plain and simple, at the expense of everyone else. The American people won’t soon forget who sold them out.”

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